Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Plant Care Tips

The cold, rain and even snows of winter are here for a while. Your indoor, tropical, house plants may begin to struggle. Exotic Plants would like to remind you of a few easy tips to keep your green friends happy. We recommend setting aside a certain day of the week to care for and water your plants. Like Sunday afternoons ... always check in with your plants, most plants require water weekly but some may need an incredibly small amount or no water at all, in the darkness of winter. So ... keep the soil damp, make sure they are getting good light, hold off on feeding or repotting, and keep them away from drafts coming from windows, doors or heating vents. These can all cause dramatic changes in a plant. And remember, they ARE living things, so the dropping of a few extra leaves in winter will give them the energy they need to make it through a rough winter.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Miltonia "Pansy Orchids" Are In Bloom ....

Look at this happy orchid !!! We have many of these beautiful "Pansy" Orchids available for you at Exotic Plants this week. Miltonia or "Pansy" Orchids are deliciously colored orchids with many blooms, that have a large face, similar to a pansy. They like warm household temperatures and will have blooms that you can enjoy for more than a month because of all their bud stages. They enjoy bright but filtered light and like to be kept moist. And of course, if you decide to take one home with you, all of our orchids come with a care sheet for your special orchid. Happy New Year from Exotic Plants !!!