Monday, July 30, 2012

New Website Launched!

Our new website is more user friendly, with more interactive pages and beautiful photos to give you the best experience in choosing your indoor plants!
You can leave comments, Like your favorite plants, ask questions on plant care, types of plants, services and much more! It will also be checked regularly to provide you with quick responses.

For over 40 years in business, we've dominated the field by not only our stunning fresh and alive plants, but by our friendly and knowledgeable staff!  Providing the best service possible to the Sacramento area has been the lifeblood of Exotic Plants, ensuring each plant is well taken care of from the moment it's a seedling to your home or office. 
Not to mention, our plant service ensures your plants stay alive and beautiful for years to come.

Now, with our new, easy to use website, it makes our reach to you quicker and more efficient.  
And because we live and breathe plants, you get updates on new arrivals, our plants of the week,  art and antiques, orchid and plant care, and much more. 
This is more than a website... its a green site... where you can dream in green.

Plants Need Food Too

Good weather is here and most of us have been busy planting in our gardens, in our porch pots, adding new house plants, or updating our landscaping. Now is the time to feed new plantings to make sure they thrive this Summer! Exotic Plants would like to remind you of our All Natural and Organic Plant Fertilizer - SHUR CROP. We've been raving about and selling this terrific plant food for many years. Now is a great time to stop in and replenish your supply.

SHUR-CROP is made from fermented Sea Kelp. It contains many natural minerals and active enzymes to immediately promote plant nutrition and vibrant growth. Benefits all farm, orchard, lawn, garden, green house, hydroponic, or indoor plants. And is completely non-toxic. Available in three very concentrated sizes and afford-ably priced from $5.99 and up.

Let Exotic Plants - SHUR CROP help your plants thrive!   916 - 922 - 4769

Simple Orchid Care Tips

Orchids are beautiful! Let's keep them beautiful. Here are some quick and simple orchid care tips for newcomers to follow. Don't be an orchid killer. Make sure your orchids are kept inside with day time temperatures of 70 to 90 degrees. Water every 5 to 7 days, make sure they are thoroughly watered, and avoid water on their leaves. Keep them in moderate, indirect sunlight. And fertilize one to two times per month. Most importantly, when the blooms are gone, the orchid is not dead, keep tending to them and you will enjoy more beautiful blooms in time. If you care for them, they will reward you with their beauty again and again. Visit us, call us, or attend our upcoming Orchid Workshop in August to learn more! 916 - 922 - 4769

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Succulent Bowls

Exotic Plants Ltd. has a large shipment of beautiful succulents and cactus that just arrived. Come browse this intriguing collection of modern and easy to care for plants. These plants are very affordable and make a great arrangement for your patio table or well lit dining room. Simply collect 3 to 5 small plants in a bowl of your choice, bring your own, or select one of ours. We'll help you arrange them, add soil, artful rocks and twigs and you have a stunning succulent garden of your own, to enjoy as you dine. Come create your own living work of art with the help of Exotic Plants! We're also offering $10 off your purchase of $50 or more through October. Stop by or give us a call to help you with your new succulent garden. 1833 Howe Avenue, at Alta Arden or 916-922-4769.