Monday, October 29, 2012

Plant of the Week

The Zebra Plant 

This is a plant we don't see too often. As soon as it came into our shop it has been in the spotlight. We knew this has to be the plant of the week despite that there is only 1 AVAILABLE in our showroom. We might be able to get more in, however, now is a great time to take advantage our 25% off discount!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anniversary Sale

Last Chance Sale!
In celebration of our 40th year, we are giving away 25% off your entire purchase 
as a thank you for supporting Exotic Plants! Please hurry in and take advantage!
It expires the end of this month so it's never too early to grab gifts and holiday decor!

Take advantage before it's gone!
Expires October 31st. No double discounts. In-store use only. Ask a sales associate for more details.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Plant of the Week

Vriesea Bromeliad Hybrid

This unique bromeliad is incredible! 
The Vriesea variety blossoms with colors of vibrant orange and yellow, resembling the famous Halloween treat - candy corn! 
Having that this plant is so colorful, it's quite versatile as well. It is not only perfect for the holiday season, but it being a hearty plant it's very easy to care for. It has air cleaning properties, as do other plants, removing formaldehyde,  benzene, and many other toxic chemicals from the air.
Overall, this plant is a delight to have!

To learn more about the Vriesea Bromeliad or how to get one of your own call 916.922.4769