Friday, June 28, 2013

Birch Succulent Arrangements

We know, we know... succulents are too cute. And so is birch, actually. So we decided to collaborate the two. And can we just tell you... OMG... it turned out fabulous!
We added different shapes and colors of rugged succulents along with some spanish moss and threw them together in a woodsy birch container. And Viola! We created something beautiful!

Needless to say, we love these little guys! So much so we put together a little artsy collage to commemorate these little beauties (not to mention they were sold faster than we could say PLANTS). So we hope you enjoy them. They are exotic after all.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

We're Branching Out!

Exotic Plants normally does indoor plants. Well, it's what we're known for. However, last week we get a call from a beloved client wanting an outdoor / court yard design. Okay. Challenge accepted!
This was during our summer rain. Needless to say, we now know why we prefer doing indoors. Things got wet! We're sure our plants loved it though.
So it turned out better than we hoped for. Our client loved it! Gave us so much praise. We felt great when we were done!! And thank goodness it was done. haha.

Alright, we wanted to toot our horn just a little. This was a big project... quite foreign for us. But for it being "outside" of what we normally do, all we can say is: we branched out! (pun intended)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Arrangement of the Week:

The Speckled Phalenopsis

A living arrangement

Monday, June 17, 2013

Plant of the Week

The Variegated Ming Aralia

There's a handsome plant.
The Ming Aralia has been a plant favorite since the 70's and the popularity couldn't be growing faster.
As you can see, it's very unique and stunning. And being variegated, the leaves have swirls of green and white which create a stunning appearance. 

This plant does need lots of good, indirect light with a nice drink once a week. 
Keep in mind, Ming Aralias do grow up to 5 - 6 ft tall but very slowly. If you think it needs to be re-potted, consult a professional. They can be very temperamental and a move could set it over the edge.

Leave shedding is common, especially when moved into a dimmer area. Be sure to keep them in a bright location, as they will do much better there.

If you have any more questions about Ming Aralias and their care, please call us at 916.922.4769

Monday, June 10, 2013

Plant of the Week

The Persian Shield.

This attractive plant is one of our most popular. With it's vibrant leaves and being easy to care for, the Persian shield has been flying off our shelves every time we set them down! Seeing as though there are a few left in our shop, we knew we had to make this beauty Plant of the Week!
If anything, to grab some more attention before the fly off!

So check them out in our shop before they're gone!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Free Orchid Workshop!

Here at our shop learn from a training professional, Kifumi Keppler, Owner of Exotic Plants, as she goes over the fundamentals of Orchid care.
 Her extensive background covers a variety of plant and horticulture care as well as aesthetic arrangements. Not to mention how to keep your orchids alive and thriving for many years to come!
 Discover what it takes for
  • Re-blooming                                                                                     
  • Watering
  • Lighting
  • Re-potting
  • Basic Care
  • And much more                                                              
Overall, the workshop is very thorough and can produce amazing results with your orchids at home. Not to mention that it's fun and lively; perfect for a fun afternoon out!

Be sure not to forget about our Tent Sale! Find some great deals on palms, re-bloomed orchids, bromeliads, and other "gently used" plants. An abundance of greenery is just waiting to spruce up your home at amazing discounts! 

So check us out at 1833 Howe Ave.  in the Cost Plus Shopping Center.

Tent Sale starts at  10 am to 3 pm  (Shop open 10 am - 6 pm)
Workshop is noon to 1:30 pm

See you there!

Cost: FREE
Parking: FREE
RSVP at 916.922.4769
or email us:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Plant of the Week:

The Brassocattleya Orchid.

This is a very rare species of Orchid. This flower is a part of the Cattleya family, a very beautiful and unique kind of orchid. 
It's a stunning shade of purple with spotted mouths with a splash of yellow.

Due to limited quantity, this orchid will not be around for long. In fact, we have about 2 left in our shop! 

If anything, be sure to come in and see this beauty!