Friday, March 28, 2014


It seems that all over the place, left, right and center, people are coming up with DIY everything.
The most popular out of the mishmash is terrariums. Little plants in cute containers, whether hung or grounded, are growing popularity faster than you can say "weeds"! They get pretty creative too - plants from succulents to the tiniest ferns and blooms! Although with all of those self-help, do-it-your-self, 5 steps blah blah blah, to make your own terrarium can be pretty confusing for which one to go to. For that matter, most of those DIY out there are giving you their design! Wouldn't it be much better having the ability to create your own - from scratch!?

Well that's what we were thinking. Which is why Kifumi Keppler, owner of Exotic Plants will be hosting her very first DIY Terrarium Workshop. We believe that creativity is the most important thing to have. Hence, we have developed this workshop to instill yours! To create the most fun plant trend of 2014!
Large varieties of containers, rocks, sand, and the most adorable plants are waiting for you to learn the skills and build your very own one-of-a-kind terrarium!
The best part of it is that it's FREE. Seats are limited though, so be sure to call asap to reserve yours before they're gone!


Saturday, May 3rd. 12 - 1:30 pm

Location: Exotic Plants. 1833 Howe Avenue Sacramento, CA 95825