Friday, January 30, 2009

Prepping for 2nd Saturday

We've got our artists lined-up and our press releases out. Since we're not on the regular gallery loop, we want to make our reception extra music, yummy desserts and great art. And, as always, beautiful plants. Speaking of which, there are always new orchids in the store...some look like pansies,

pansy-faced orchid
some look like daffodils,

some look like Venus Flytraps,

Lady Slipper Orchid
...but, all look beautiful.

We'll be posting more info soon, but for now, mark your calendar for our special Valentine's Day event:

Tropical Love

2nd Saturday Art and Orchid Show
February 14th
10am to 9pm
Reception from 6pm to 9pm

(For a map to our store, see "How to Reach Us" on the right)

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