Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ZZ Plants

The ZZ Plant
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia - its botanical name.

We seemed to get asked everyday about this interesting interior plant. Slightly difficult to find around town, but Exotic Plants has a great connection with a grower on the coast that keeps us in good supply. These easy to care for plants are great for today’s more modern homes and offices; but also hold their own in a Tuscan container, oriental pot, or country basket.

ZZ Plants have long leafy stalks that keep their shine naturally. They vary in height from around a foot to about 3 feet tall. As far as care goes … they are easy. They like a little bit of water weekly, but like to be kept on the dry side, some people recommend watering every other week. And they handle low light conditions well; they can flourish in good light, but seem to burn in super direct sunlight. A great plant for those who forget they own houseplants or travel a lot. They are slow growers but growth speeds up when in brighter light conditions and their waxy leaves are nicely resistant to pest or insects. Interestingly enough, this plant’s origins are from East Africa, but can easily be found in Sacramento at Exotic Plants Ltd. We carry many sizes from an inexpensive 4” potted ZZ to a lush 14” potted ZZ plant. Visit us soon for your special ZZ Plant, 1833 Howe Avenue, Sacramento in The Cost Plus Shopping Center at Alta Arden. Hope to see you soon!

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