Monday, July 30, 2012

Plants Need Food Too

Good weather is here and most of us have been busy planting in our gardens, in our porch pots, adding new house plants, or updating our landscaping. Now is the time to feed new plantings to make sure they thrive this Summer! Exotic Plants would like to remind you of our All Natural and Organic Plant Fertilizer - SHUR CROP. We've been raving about and selling this terrific plant food for many years. Now is a great time to stop in and replenish your supply.

SHUR-CROP is made from fermented Sea Kelp. It contains many natural minerals and active enzymes to immediately promote plant nutrition and vibrant growth. Benefits all farm, orchard, lawn, garden, green house, hydroponic, or indoor plants. And is completely non-toxic. Available in three very concentrated sizes and afford-ably priced from $5.99 and up.

Let Exotic Plants - SHUR CROP help your plants thrive!   916 - 922 - 4769

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