Monday, March 11, 2013

Plant of the Week:

Common Name:Chinese Evergreen
Scientific Name:Aglaonemas
Lighting: Low to Moderate
Water: Moderate

Chinese Evergreens are durable, dramatic houseplants. They will adapt to a variety of settings within their limits. Chinese Evergreens are slow growing in nature, however when taken care of can last for decades, literally! This houseplant is characterize by large foliage in a variety of silver green and dark green colors as well as variegated. A lot of the more light green / dark green varieties remind me of a  Dieffenbachia  just more full. Chinese Evergreens, Peace Lily’s and Dieffenbachia all belong to the same family, thus the resemblance.
Chinese Evergreens are available in many varieties with new hybrids being developed as we speak. Below is a list of the most common names I was able to find:
Silver Queen
White Rajah
Green Lady
Silver Frost
Black Lance
Green Majesty
Manilla Pride
And lots more!!

Chinese Evergreens prefer moderate to low light levels. They usually do not do well at all in direct sunlight, so beware. A north facing window is usually a safe area to place this houseplant in. This houseplant is also very, very, very touchy to drafts and cold temperatures. Keep temperatures above 60 degrees for best results. Dropping below 55 degrees can be lethal to Aglaonemas. If brown spots begin to appear on the foliage, it may be too cold for the plant.

Aglaonemas do best with moderate watering. Right in the middle! Don’t let the soil become soggy, but at the same time, do not allow the soil to dry out in-between watering. If the bottom leaves begin to yellow and fall off, chances are you are under watering the plant.

Overall, Aglaonemas are very nice houseplants to have. Fairly easy to grow, usually not susceptible to pests and is a long lasting variety allowing you to enjoy its beauty for many years to come.

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