Monday, April 8, 2013

Plant of the Week

"Many consider the large showy flowers of Encyclia cordigera to be the finest in the genus. They have an intoxicating fragrance that varies slightly from plant to plant, but some say the pink-lipped flowers smell like roses. Flowers can last for well over a month. The best flowers have a broad, flat, skirt-shapped lip with saturated color for the pink-lipped form. This orchid is easy to grow under a wide range of conditions. Its natural habitats are low-elevation oak forests that are fairly dry and bright. It can be grown in the intermediate temperature range but will do equally well in warmer conditions."
- AOS (American Orchid Society)

This orchid is nothing less but stunning. With the sharp color variations and the wonderful fragrance, this is sure to be everyone's favorite!
But hurry, there is only one left in our shop - so stop by and see before it BLOWS away!

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