Monday, July 15, 2013

Plant of the Week

Tillandsia Xerographica

The king of air plants, the xerograhpica tillandsia is by far the most exotic and stunning plant of it's kind. The plant is from some very remote areas in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Making it not only beautiful but rare to get as well.
The silvery green color with thick curly leaves sets it apart from the average plant. Of course, being an air plant, leaves endless ideas with placement and creativity.
See, air plants are very easy to care for because it doesn't need soil. It stands alone... ready to be used in cute arrangements, terrariums, frames and much much more.
All it needs is either a good soak in water for 30 minutes a week or good spritz of water weekly or more.
And, don't forget - bright INDIRECT light. What we mean is place this beauty in a bright room without direct sunlight. So basically don't place it under the suns painful rays. (Plants can get sunburned too.)
Though, at the same time, a room that doesn't stay bright or needs an abundance of artifical light to stay lit... this tillandsia wont like it too much. So bright indirect light is key.

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For any additional questions about the Tillandsia Xerogrphica don't hesitiate to ask ;)

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