Monday, October 7, 2013

Plant of the week

The Dendrobium is a close second to America's favorite orchid, namely the Phalaenopsis being no. 1. This lovely orchid comes in a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Making it not only a fave, but incredibly versatile too! As one can see, this is an orchid to love! And with much love comes great responsibility.
Which is why we took the liberty to give you step by step care basics to help your orchid grow!

Light: This orchid is much more tolerant with light than the others.  It can withstand direct morning sun followed by an afternoon of dim. Best to keep it in a lit room though.

Water: Water about once a week: It's best to allow medium to almost dry between watering. Check the soil with your finger, don't fear getting dirty! It's very important to check for moisture. If there is, don't water!
And rule of thumb - DO NOT LET IT STAND IN WATER. If your orchid has a saucer, check it regularly. If there is any water in it at all, dump it immediately. Having an orchid stand in water will cause root rot and the whole plant will eventually die due to drowning.

Life Cycle: The blooms last about 6 weeks at a time.

What to do when blooms die? When the blooms are done, cut the sprays* just where they meet the canes*.  Canes produce several sprays from the upper leaf axils* each year. Fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizer to support this rapid plant growth. Water weekly and use a balanced fertilizer (12-12-12) twice each month. For more orchid care tips, visit us at or join us for the 1st Saturday of every month at our FREE orchid workshop!

* See picture

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