Monday, January 19, 2015

The top 3 mistakes that could kill your indoor plants!

Are your indoor plants doing as well as you'd like?  The reason could be listed below.  According to our plant experts, there are 3 mistakes that will result in your plant doing poorly or even dying.

1)  Too much water.

The temptation may be strong but don't give in! Overwatering is the most common cause of indoor plants dying.

Most plants prefer their soil to dry out to a depth of 2 inches between waterings.  Of course, this is general and some plants need more or less water.  If in doubt, ask a sales person where you purchased the plant.

2)  Not enough light.

Make sure the plant is getting enough light. Plants that are blooming or have colored foliage generally need more light.

3)  Too big a container.

Indoor plants actually like to be somewhat cramped in their pots.  When it's too big, there's so much soil that it holds the water like a sponge and the plant rots. This is different from plants growing in the ground outside where the water can evaporate or seep into the surrounding area.  If you do need to re-pot, choose a container that's only one size up from your present container.

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