Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Facts you may not know about palms

Do you love palms?  Here are some facts that you may not know about them.

1) Although many people think palms always look like the type that grows along white sandy beaches, there are actually many varieties.  Here are a few.

This is a Kentia Palm.  You're probably familiar with their graceful fronds.

A Raphis Palm, also known as a Lady Palm, is very hearty and, over time, gets massive.

Fish Tail Palms are named for their fish-tailed leaves.

A Pony Tail Palm is not really a palm but a succulent.

2)  Palms are slow growing but do fan out over time.  This makes them a great choice for large open spaces.

3)  They do well in bright to medium light.  They don't need direct sunlight but prefer bright, indirect light.

4)  Although many palms like to dry out between watering, that's not true of all. Fishtail and Raphis palms prefer moist to wet soil when grown in good light.  In lower light conditions, the surface two inches or lower should be dry before watering.

Wonder which palms would look great in your home or office?  Give us a call or come see us.

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