Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Create a Hanging, Live Plant Display

Looking for a way to satisfy that itchy creative green thumb?

Try mounting a plant to hang on a wall.  It's simple and fun, and you'll have a beautiful living display.

Kimberly, our Shop Manager, provided these easy-to-follow directions:


Wood: Choose a piece of wood or a branch with one flat side that will look good with the plant you want to mount.

Plant suitable for mounting such as a staghorn fern, an orchid with thinner roots, a bromeliad or a bird's nest fern.

Sphagnum moss that has been soaked in water, twine or wire, screws, sheet moss, nylon fishing line.


1)  Drill 2 screws on the front side of the wood.  (See photo above for general location.)  They will serve as anchors when you later tie the plant onto the wood.

2)  Place a mound of sphagnum moss on the wood. 

3)  Remove your plant from its pot and carefully brush off the excess soil.

4)  Place the plant on the moss and top with a layer of moss to hold the soil in place.

5)  Wrap one end of your twine or wire around one of the screws.

6)  Stretch the twine or wire across the mound and wrap it around the 2nd screw. Repeat in the other direction.

7)  Cut a couple of pieces of the sheet moss and cover the mound.

8)  Secure the finished mound to the board by winding nylon fishing line around the board and the mound 4 or 5 times.

9)  Create the hanger by placing a screw in each side at the top of the wood, leaving enough space between the wood and the screw head to wrap twine or wire around it.

10)  Attach the wire or twine to each screw to create the hanger.

11)  Water the plant by holding it over a pan or bucket and gently pouring water onto the mound.

12)  Hang the plant in a space with the right light.


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