Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lucky Bamboo and Money Tree's for The New Year!

The New Year is here and it’s time to welcome new energy into your life. A good start is a beautiful, live, oxygen producing plant from Exotic Plants. Live plants have long been used in Feng Shui to welcome good energy into your life or living space. The Money Tree Plant is rumored to boost financial prosperity when placed in the South East corner of your room or home. And best for a business if placed near your source of income, such as your cash register.

Money Tree Plants are a fairly simple plant to care for. They need a moderate to warm interior environment, good light, and a weekly watering. With these conditions they should thrive and provide new energy for your environment.

The Chinese believe small gifts of bamboo to be lucky. Thus, the name Lucky Bamboo started for small bundles of cut bamboo that are given as gifts. The bamboo plant is considered lucky because it has always been a strong and hearty plant that thrives and grows in most any conditions. It is thought to bring health, happiness, love and abundance. It is also a symbol of new energy because of its light green and refreshing color. Consider giving Lucky Bamboo as a gift or a gift to yourself this year.

Lucky Bamboo is often planted in rocks and water. Making it easy to care for. And thrives in most any light conditions as long as water is provided regularly. Be sure to note, it is very important to keep the plant cared for, trimmed and upright. Neglect means you may be neglecting these important energies you need in your life.

The Lucky Bamboo represents all five of the important Feng Shui elements. Wood is represented by the bamboo. Earth is represented by the rocks they are planted in. Water is represented by the water it is growing in. Fire is often represented by the red ribbon tied to it. And Metal is maybe represented by the pot it is planted in, but placing a coin in the container is best.

You can find Lucky Bamboo and Money Tree Plants for the New Year at Exotic Plants now!

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