Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Grammatophyllum Season ....

Now is the time of year these beautiful indoor Grammatophyllums are in bloom! Exotic Plants has ordered a full stock of these stunning orchids from one of the most exotic, tropical places on Earth: Hawaii.

If well cared for these large, shooting orchids, are known to thrive indoors in the greater Sacramento area. The Grammatophyllum orchid is known to be one of the most exquisite, unique and full orchids available.

Grammatophyllums are happiest in a cool house, and need good air circulation, they love a breeze, and don’t seem to be super concerned about the soil they are in, but want water often, that drains easily. They have large bulbs that store water and often need a large pot or transplanting if they are thriving and growing quickly.

When you water your orchids you'll need to maintain a moist medium but don't want to have a soggy medium.  To check this, place your finger about an inch into the orchid medium and if it is dry then you will need to water your orchid.

Fertilizer should never be used when your Grammatophyllum orchids are blooming because this could keep your plant from flowering well.  If you think your orchid needs fertilizer you can use a nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium mixture of 20-20-20.

Because they are easy to care for  and have long lasting blooms, Grammatophyllum orchids make a great gift! As with any of our plants or blooms ... they quickly bring beauty and life to a home or office.

Shipment will arrive soon. However, the stock will not be full for long. So be sure to come in or give us a call! We’re always glad to deliver … 916-922-4769.

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