Monday, August 19, 2013

Plant of the Week

The Brachycaulos is one of the more common species in the Tillandsia (air plant) family. Although it may be a usual specimen in the plant world, it stands a part from the rest for it's beautiful bloom. When it turns red, its ready bloom a most spectacular flower. It's blends in a bit in the photo, but located in the middle of the plant is a sprout coming through. With lots of light and love it surely will be a stunning piece in our shop.

We recommend tillandsias for their easy care and overall versatility. They are root-less. Meaning, no soil required! You can place them in any pot, glass, or container, as long as they are in good, bright in-direct light. Watering should take place once a week. Either soak them in water for 30 minutes or a give them good spray and that should do the trick.

Be sure to check out our pinterest page to see creative tillandsia arrangments and terrariums! There are endless possibilities with the Tillandsia!

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